pátek 28. března 2014

One-off SoBH Skirmish...

...with dwarves trampled to dust! I just wish this happened in the campaign, but any victory is fine enough. Again, I apologise for the picture quality (to balance this, I raised their quantity ;-) I guess I'm going to buy a green cloth at least.

Scenario: All-Out Battle

New Company:
  • Udo the Unready, Leader (P); Q3+, C3, Leader, 60 pts
  • Antar (P), Q3+ C3, Group Fighter, 36 pts
  • 3 halberdiers, Q4+ C3, Dashing, 27 pts each
  • John, bowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Long, 44 pts
  • Vladimir, bowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Long, 44 pts
  • crossbowman; Q4+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, 33 pts

  • Gorm Shieldbearer (P); Q2+ C4, Leader, Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 95pts
  • Ragnar "Knock-knock" Shieldbreaker, Q3+ C4; Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 46pts
  • Giml... just a warrior (shield and axe); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Robur Scabby (shield and hammer); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Skadi the Sharpshooter; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
  • Lorn the Leery, crossbowman; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts

The New Company won the inititative, and elaborated a cunning plan: Halberdiers venture to the centre supported by one bowman and under a direct supervision of the leader, crossbowman hides in the woods to get an ambush bonus and John and Antar take the  left wing - perhaps they could strike enemy's flank in the right moment.

The dwarves responded in kind, sending appropriate force to my left wing with Skadi promptly forcing John to take cover, while the rest advanced cautiously. After some preparations, where both men and dwarves regrouped and prepared for the clash, Udo was the first to move and signal his men, which he - probably due to urgent needs - didn't. (Rolling two failures on my first activation is still a thing I can't get used to...)

Fortunately, the dwarves were not that fast to exploit this opportunity. Skadi missed Antar, who was then charged by Gimli - and knocked him back.Lorn tried his aim on one of the halberdiers, also missing, while Ragnar and Robur ran to the same boulder.

The crossbowman moved out of his cover reasoning than if the dwarves wouldn't come to him, he'd have to go to them. At that time, Udo was supposed to run from behind the woods and yell "Charge!" at his men - instead, he earned his epithet and my spite. 

This was only to be trumped by Gorm, who still hasn't finished his pipe, so he just gave few vague orders and returned to smoking. Skadi lacked his commanders' calm, and his bolt released in a hurry failed to hit Vladimir.

This time, Udo made it to his men and all hell broke lose: Both Vladimir and the crossbowman struck down their targets, and halberdiers finished off poor Robur.

One of the halberdiers was knocked down by Lorn's bolt to be finished off by Ragnar, while Skadi got up and missed Vladimir... again.

Gimli pulled himself to his feet, again attacking Antar and again failing. This time he had to retreat and was only barely missed by John's arrow. Vladimir knew the trick already and struck down Skadi, while  halberdiers dispatched Ragnar. Enraged, Gorm came crashing in, but his aim was wide and the halberdier survived.

Lorn saw his commander's dire position and rushed in, his attack was not much help though. However, Gorm was never the one to be scared by superior numbers, and forced one of his opponents back. Skadi rose again, with mixed feelings of resolve and resignation, but pulled the trigger anyway, sending Vladimir to the ground. 

Antar, while being skilled in fighting multiple opponents, failed to threaten Gimli and after a stunning blow had to abandon his attack. Gorm was thrown back...

...only to charge in again, prompting Udo to join the fray too. Returning to old habbits, Skadi missed Vladimir again, while Gimli had to retreat from stunned Antar.

Perhaps the dwarves could still have won, as Gimli killed Antar and Skadi hit Vladimir for the last time, but Gorm then fell to a combined strike of two halberds. While Skadi fled the field and even Gimli considered the option of fighting another day, Lorn proved his mettle and stood firm to the very end.

Attemting to revenge his leader Gimli charged John, only to be knocked down and shot to the face.

Before this game, I decided to use more of a teamwork and group tactics, which was exactly what I did and my opponent didn't. Having spread his forces (and not enjoying advantages of certain warband advances) he was significantly easier to deal with. I am not sure about using flanking force, however, as the flanks were rather secondary theatre for both of us, and men on the wing were men that I missed on the main stage.

úterý 11. března 2014

This is the end...

"... and we got this location to search. In case you find that dwarf, or any other, or  - hell, in case you find anyone - just kill him, take his possessions and call me. Do NOT open any bags, documents or letters. Especially letters. And yet another thing: Stay alert, as there may be even someone else looking for that bastard." 

Scenario: The Spy that wasn't (inspired by The Heist from HourII compendium)
Defender: Dwarves


  • Gorm Shieldbearer (P); Q2+ C4, Leader, Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 95pts
  • Ragnar "Knock-knock" Shieldbreaker, Q3+ C4; Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 46pts
  • Giml... just a warrior (shield and axe); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Robur, wounded warrior ...again (shield and hammer); Q4+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Skadi the Sharpshooter; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
  • Lorn the Leery, crossbowman; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
  • Goth Rekk, berserk; Q3+ C3, Berserk, Short Move, 32pts
-Tough as Nails
-Courageous (waste of VPs, but it's my opponent's choice)

1VPs, 3CPs

Bad Company:
  • Udo, Leader (P); Q3+ C3, Leader, 60 pts
  • Wilhelm, Crossbowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, Fearless, 50 pts
  • Lope, handgunner; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, 44 pts
  • John the Bowman; Q4+, C3, Shooter: Long, 33 pts
  • Horatio, pistolier; Q3+ C3, Shooter: Short, Good Shot, 40 pts
  • Heini the Halberdier; Q3+, C3, 30 pts
  • Ian, halberdier; Q3+, C3, 30 pts
2VPs, 0CPs

First of all, sorry for the quality of pics - the place was dark, and the camera in my mobile is rather poor. This time I had to use gamma correction, and they still look horrible.

Both warbands arrived to the place where the spy was supposed to be...

Bad Company were about to search the surroundings when John heard something. A deep voice calling in a language that sounded like a dwarven one. At silent command, Bad Company moved forward, postponing the inspection of conspicious woods to a more appropriate time. Halberdiers hurried to hide behind the ridge, followed Lope and Horatio, while John and Wilhelm teased the dwarves with some rather harmless shots. However, Gorm's band was more than up to the challenge, and Wilhelm was sent to ground by a bolt that glanced off his helmet.

Udo moved in, signalling Horatio to begin the ball. Fresh wind moved through the trees reminding Horatio of his days at sea... That daydream was going to be more than costly, though. (Turnover in a critical moment - at least I managed to assign him as a meatshield to Udo.)


Thwack - thwack! Was it a sail, cracking in a gust of wind? Horatio was at the sea again, trying to shout orders through a hurricane, but in vain. The storm, black as night came and swallowed him. There was little Udo could do but to make ready for a berserk's charge - which never came. 
(Isn't Fortune a sweet lady?)

Lope rushed forward, took aim and BOOM! Goth Rekk was almost dead (Tough as Nails). 
(Now I'm not quite sure what happened next, and why I didn't put the halberdiers together. I know that one succeeded on one or two dice only?) Ian (again, why?) moved to defend the missiles, while Heini rushed to meet Ragnar - but he was pushed back in spite of all his efforts. Both John and Wilhelm failed to wound Robur.

(Here comes the part where I got butchered - I hadn't seen so many consecutive 1:5 or 1:6 pairings ever before.) With Goth's assistance Ragnar crushed Heini and rushed Ian, who was outnumbered and finished off by Gorm. Robur and Gimli closed in with John and Wilhelm. Thwack! There went Lope. Thwack! There went Udo. This was too much for John and he fled, living to feather many more dwarves in the bad days to come. Cold-blooded as ever, Wilhelm decided to complete the mission - or die trying.

Running to the hills...

Wilhelm evaded the lumbering enemy, knifed Robur (poor lad, got OOA in 3 of 4 games) and tried to put reasonable distance between him and the pursuers, but ultimately,...

...died with his shoes on.

Summary: At this point I decided to forfeit the campaign, as the 6 dwarves would get a raise to C or Q, and considering Tough as Nails, I didn't feel up to that challenge. It was a short campaign, but we enjoyed it quite a lot. Looking forward to the next campaign!