úterý 15. dubna 2014

Three-Way Treasure Hunt...

...on a proper gaming table this time! We went to the LFGS and the owner provided us with table, terrain and himself as the third player with his Chaos Warriors of Khorne.

Scenario: Treasure Hunt

New Company:
  • Lothar, Leader (P); Q3+, C3, Leader, 60 pts
  • Antar (P), Q3+ C3, Group Fighter, 36 pts
  • 3 halberdiers, Q4+ C3, Dashing, 27 pts each
  • John, bowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Long, 44 pts
  • Vladimir, bowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Long, 44 pts
  • crossbowman; Q4+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, 33 pts
  • Gorm Shieldbearer (P); Q2+ C4, Leader, Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 95pts
  • Ragnar "Knock-knock" Shieldbreaker, Q3+ C4; Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 46pts
  • Gimli (shield and axe); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Robur Scabby (shield and hammer); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Skadi the Sharpshooter; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
  • Lorn the Leery, crossbowman; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
Disciples of Khorne:
  • Leader (P); Q3+, C4, Leader, Mounted, Fearless, Evil, 88 pts
  • 4 warriors; Q3+, C4, Berserk, 48 pts each
  • hound; Q4+, C3, Animal, Savage, 23 pts

The primary goal was to obtain a large piece of starmetal, useful to the employers of all warbands. It was rumoured to be located in the woods, evil ruins or on the hill. The New Company (closest) won the honour of going first and moved more or less according to the plan. 

Disciples of Khorne went aggressively for all of the objectives, while the dwarves cautiously occupied a near hill. Due to regular turnovers the New Company ventured forth in a less then enthusiastic manner, but having learned their lessons most of them kept close together.

Lothar was meant as a substitute for Udo the Unready, but it seemed I should have switched the dice instead.

Khornate leader discovered the treasure (in the cursed ruins, of course) and paying no heed to occasional crossbow bolt he picked it up...

...while one of his warriors decided to take three halberdiers on his own, for greater glory of Khorne. He failed. Antar made a daring dash to wrest the treasure back, but the mounted chaos warrior was a nut too tough to crack for a single pirate. In a remarkable show of discipline, another warrior set to cover his leader's withdrawal...

...and then -because the halberdiers where still busy massacring the brave berserk, and dwarves were too cowardly to take any decisive action- he charged Antar. Another turnover ensured no one would help the poor pirate, and Antar was hacked into pieces. Chaos leader and some of the warriors then left the board. New Company had slain one warrior and the hound, while the dwarves claimed another warrior.

Then it came to face off with those cowardly stunts. See the perfect tactics? Crossbowman in the woods, halberdiers close together, archers flanking and leader in the rear.

The bell tolled for Gimli and then Robur. In an usual act of reprisal, two halberdiers got bolt to the face while Ragnar charged the archers.

Still, the score was not bad for the New Company, and after chasing Ragnar away Lothar decided to finish off his counterpart.

It took the help of a halberdier and Vladimir, but Gorm was finally gone - to no effect, sadly. I hoped that at least one of the crossbowmen would discover the better part of valor, but it was not to be.

After another bolt to the face, John's gruesome death and a desperate counterattack later, Lothar made his final stand. He still gave a good fight, though.

The final score was: Dwarves 10VPs, New Company 7VPs, Khornites 6VPs - they fled the field too early.

In three players the game took a bit longer (two hours and something). Probably because my New Company had trouble to move at all, the dwarves (shame on their beards!) were too careful, and because of the chasing endgame, but it was quite entertaining nonetheless. The guy playing disciples of Khorne was a first time player, but WHFB and 40K veteran which was easy to perceive from a solid plan and quick execution. Moreover, even with four berserkers in his warband, he got less damaging turnovers then me. Looking forward to the next game!

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