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On Thursday's evening I expected to start a new, four player campaign, and I was not quite sure how much I'd have to bend the SoDG rules to my narrative (probably by heavy modification -or omission- of the Exploration phase). In the end there was no need for such heavy decisions as only one player turned up. Still thinking about how much SDG "borrows" from Mordheim I decided to port the scenarion no.9 - Surprise Attack to SoBH. Adding some more to experiments I decided to express my halberds by Tailslap instead of Dashing.

Scenario: Surprise Attack(Mordheim)

The defender rolls for each character, 1-3 goes to reserves, 4-6 starts on table at least 1 L from other characters. Attacker dices for an edge, sets up within 1 S.

Victory Conditions:
The game ends when one side gives up or is wiped out, or whenever the players decide to end it. The attacker scores 1VP per 30pts of slain or routed, the defender scores 1VP per 20pts of slain or routed.

New Company:
  • Lothar, Leader (P); Q3+, C3, Leader, 60 pts
  • Antar the Poet (P), Q3+ C3, Group Fighter, 36 pts
  • 3 halberdiers, Q4+ C3, Tailslap, 27 pts each
  • John, bowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Long, 44 pts
  • Vladimir, bowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Long, 44 pts
  • crossbowman; Q4+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, 33 pts
  • Gorm Shieldbearer (P)Q2+ C4, Leader, Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 95pts
  • Ragnar "Knock-knock" Shieldbreaker, Q3+ C4; Fearless, Short Move, Steadfast, 46pts
  • Gimli (shield and axe); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Robur Scabby (shield and hammer); Q3+ C3, Short Move, Steadfast, 30pts 
  • Skadi the Sharpshooter; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
  • Lorn the Leery, crossbowman; Q3+ C3, Good Shot, Shooter: Medium, Short Move, 44pts
New Company was returning from one of its errands, however, a bad weather and bad mood dispersed them far and wide. When the rain stopped and fog lifted it became clear that even more troubles await... Antar saw them first, and while his poetic part of mind already shaped an elaborated lament over a fallen hero, he shouted "The dwarves are coming!" in plain prose. With that he drew his two blades and prepared to write his last poem, in blood and steel.

The Beginning
The New Company, scattered to the four corners, and attacking dwarves.

Two whistles meant two bolts that missed him. "So far so good." he thought, but knew what's to come. He deftly dodged one dwarf that rushed him, trimmed the beard of another - and then his poem was cut short. "One more failure like this - no beer..." Gorm just grunted when he cleaned his doubleheaded axe, and cast a withering look on the rest of the band "another one - no teeth".

Turn 1 (Dwarves)
The end of the warrior poet.

Maybe Antar didn't shout loud enough, or maybe the forest swallowed his warning - either way, his comrades were no better prepared than the hapless poet. (Yes, my first turnover this game.)

Turn 3 (Dwarves)
Dwarves try to chase down the lone crossbowman...

Men were far from helpless, however. The crossbowman surprisingly fended off two attacks, then knocked down his only adjacent foe (no beer for poor Robur!) and fled for his life. They wouldn't go after him into the forest, would they? Vladimir was covering his escape and forced Ragnar to hit the dirt.

Turn 4 (Men)
...only to find out that he's quite tough and not entirely alone.

The problem with dwarves is that they are disciplined, tough and persistent. The crossbowman soon discovered this, as Gorm and Gimli dashed through the forest heading for him. However, Vladimir was able to keep most of Gorm's band in check, hugging cover.

Turn 5 (Dwarves)
Unhappy reunion. Note the cowards hiding behind the... tree?

Shifting a little to exploit the advantages of undergrowth (and to get off Lorn's sights) Vladimir decided to hunt some more, thinking little of how lonely he could be - the halberdier that had accompanied him hid behind the wood, John was gods knew where and the rest of the band was not heard of.

Turn 6 (Men)
Seeking cover, too.

The crossbowman had no chance, and another dwarf quickly stomped from cover to cover. "Those losers should better come soon..." thought Vladimir, while checking that his remaining arrows and trusted knife. John provided little help by sending potshots in the general direction of dwarves, but that was hardly enough.

Turn 7 (Dwarves)
Cautious advance... and human crossbowman finally eliminated.

The dwarves were upon Vladimir sooner then he'd wish. Shouting mix of insults and call for help Vladimir stood his ground, knowing better than to turn his back on those two brutes. Gorm crashed through the forest with the intent to charge John, whose arrows were seriously unnerving one of his crossbowmen.

Turn 9(Dwarves)
Dwarven rush - and a grave mistake...

Gorm's lips twisted when he saw two halberdiers and that coward of a leader rushing at him, while the sound of steel meeting steel indicated that the archer further up the woods was still not taken care of properly.

Turn 10 (Men)
The reinforcements sally forth, while a halberdier tries to turn the tables.
Too little, too late.

An axe grazed Vladimir's chest, sharp pain telling that this will wound not heal well. At least he was fortunate that someone heeded his call for help, because it was halberdier's prowess that stopped the hammer blow and knocked Robur down.

Turn 11 (Dwarves)
The forest encounter went quite well, both had one fallen.
Ragnar's turnover then ensured a fair fight.

Desperate and in pain, the archer threw himself at Robur, hoping that his comrade would take care of the axeman. His despair only grew with the knife breaking on the underlying chainmail and the glimpse of  a big, nasty looking dagger in Robur's hand...

Turn 12 (Men)
Vladimir's turnover made me gamble: fallen attacking a fallen. Failed.

"They killed Robur!" Avenging Vladimir, the halberdier retreated towards Lothar, while two of his comrades made a headlong charge to Gorm. With visible contempt the dwarven commander blocked and parried the blows and stood his ground, immovable like a mountain.

Turn 14 (Men)
A halberdier avenges Vladimir (on Robur), Gorm holds his ground.

Another combined attack made him retreat, but the rest of the dwarves were already there to prove their worth.

Turn 16 (Men)
The last gamble failed too (so much for Tailslap). Quite slippery, that Gorm...

For Lothar, the bad day turned into nightmare when he saw another two of his men fall. Deciding that enough is enough he left the battlefield with the rest of his band.

Turn 17
Hey, chief, remember the better part of valor?

Resume (and traditional whining): There were some things playing against me this time - first amongst them the scenario. Interesting tactical challenge as it was, it took my only advantage against the dwarves - having more men just where I need them. My decision to play a halberd as Tailslap from Dashing was also a questionable one regarding efficiency (yeah, those 3pts improve my chances of knockdown by whoopping 17%), however, I will not jump to conclusions... 
But enough of bitterness, the game was a good one. A hard struggle, where I may have made a few mistakes but enjoyed it all the time. And Robur was taken OOA again, as tradition commanded :)

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