čtvrtek 11. září 2014

Mordheim Munera

I had great plans for the evening - boasting about my -more or less- painted pit fighters, playing Munera Sine Missione, playing my variant of Munera and finally playing a game of Pit Fighter. However, only something above half an hour was dedicated to gaming in the end, so I opted for pure Munera Sine Missione with Pit Fighters. The combatants were statted up as follows:

- Two-Handed Sword (unwieldy, armour penetration, extra damage) 
- Light Armour, Helmet: AP +1, AS 2

- Hooks (disadvantaged, on a total tie a weapon may be lost, decrease shield AS)
- Light Armour, Small Shield, Helmet: AP +1, AS 3/3/2

- Axe
- Light Armour, Large Shield, Helmet: AP +0, AS 4/4/3

- Khopesh, Dagger (disadvantaged)
- Light Armour, Helmet: AP +1, AS 2

We decided to play a serie of matches with the winner staying. The first matchup was the Empire fighter vs my Orc fighter. You may have noticed that I used a different special rule for the zweihander...

...but it was really not important, as it shattered to a thousand pieces in a first attempt to parry. The rest was quite predictable, but the tenacity of Empire fighter impressed the crowd enough to win him a reprieve. The boastfull Orc was then to fight the dreaded Undead. Carefull maneuvring took place, the arena rang with the bright sounds of blade stopped by armour and dull thud of the sheld, but in the end the khopesh swung in a deadly arc and lopped the head right off Orc's shoulders.

The undead was then to meet a foe more agile: The Chaos fighter charged and dodged, and the hooks seemed to be everywhere, but not much could be achieved against the methodical and well trained foe.

Slowly, nick by nick, the Chaos fighter's strength whittled, and a double attack saw him collapse to the sand. The crowd was not merciful this time...

Munera Sine Missione is an extremly simple game to explain, and although amusing, it is also quite random and simple game to play. I believe it would excel at a gaming event with many occassional players - or as an amusing filler for as few as two (maybe even one) when the time is short (or beer in abundance). I'm trying to develop a variant using dice pools instead of single rolls (borrowing a little from Blood and Spectacle), however, it is most likely that we'll play Mordheim: Pit Fighter the next time.

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