pátek 16. ledna 2015

Skulldred - Taking the Fort

This report is long overdue, the actual game took place at the beginning of December 2014. Better late then never, though.

It was supposed to be the Vallley of the Kings evening, but in the end, neither of us was actually too eager for a soulless euro... Which was fine, as I had brought my Melee Box, DnD maps and the rules for Skulldred. I used some stats from the previous game, toned down the power of both crossbows and bows and cobbled some stats on the spot. Anyway, who among gentlemen cares about points?

The abandoned dwarven outpost was to see another battle - while the dwarves under Gorm the Hero fully understood its strategic importance in the upcoming battle, boss Obludd the Green Menace just saw no point in sharing the fun and the loot with the main host.

The boss shouts, the rest runs.
Old dwarven locks were no challenge to Gorm's company, so they were easily able to claim the fort as their own. Crossbowmen rushed to their posts, while pair of fighters prepared to ambush the orcs. Inexplicably, Obludd was behind his boys, even further than usual (but you can only get so far with three actions on three turns).

Driving the herd forward.
Both sides knew about each other. The orcs were staging at the corner, while dwarven leader got so paralysed by considering the tactical benefits of double surprise attack that he did nothing in the end. This was probably quite valid idea.

The fun starts at any moment...
All hell could have broken loose when the orcs took the corner and charged in, but one of their halberdiers decided to have a polearm duel with more skilled dwarven spearman (which he lost) and another got shot at point blank. Archers proved as ineffective as ever, but at least they deterred the lurking dwarven pair.

Fun is being had, everyone -except the two orc halberdiers- rejoices.
The fighting was fierce, but the spirits of the mountain were with Gorm, who was nearly slain by raging orcs. (In two rounds we burnt almost all our dreadskulls. Epic!) The ambushers finally tried their hand in the flanking manoeuvre and took down one archer, who was instantly avenged by his boss. Then, in the thick of the battle, something unexpected happened - two crossbowmen joined forces and killed Obludd!

Bested in hand to hand by a crossbowman? The Boss actually died of shame.
With the expression of disbelief the beast toppled over and confusion started to spread among his boys - this would be bad for a warband relying on organisation and tactical precision, but the boyz simply pressed on, while the archer for the first time shot true and killed the flanking spearman.

The green fury about to wane.
No matter their efforts, the orcs were outmatched, and after Gorm killed the swordsman, the archer let loose one last arrow and ran away.

Summary: Skulldred really delivers, but I'd like to have a more complete version. Next time we may try this scenario in SoBH with readjusted stats (all troops Q4+, leaders Q3+).

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