úterý 15. září 2015

You have my axe!

Or, Why I think you might want to support Hammer and Forge


Reason #0: For those who have no idea what SoBH is

Song of Blades and Heroes is a small scale skirmish game from Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games. With simple rules and streamlined play, the game can be learned in one play and enjoyed in many following ones. 

The cornerstone of the rules is a character, having two main stats (Quality and Combat) and a number of special rules/traits. Quality of a character represents its willpower, training, attitude and willingness to act. Every time you want the character to act, you have to roll its quality or better on one or more dice - and here comes the beautiful push-your-luck aspect of the rules: Every die that failed to meet the quality means either a possible reaction of opponent's character, or even the end of your turn. This mechanism ensures that you never know how much are you going to achieve with your warband on your turn, and puts you before the choice of playing it safe or -perhaps- achieving more.

There are many expansions and even standalone versions of SoBH, with hundreds of pregenerated characters, but you are free to create your own, using a calculator that can be downloaded from Ganesha Games (or even using a formula, rules' costs, pencil and paper if you're inclined that way).

Reason #1: Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes

These are basically the advanced rules from Fightin' Funghi (reactions! weapon rules! mighty magic!), but without the fluff and few funghi related rules. On the other hand, they include other traits, more rosters and a campaign system probably different from the one in FiFu (with warband advances). 

I have backed the Fightin' Funghi, and yet I mean to have these as an add-on.

Reason 2#: The miniatures

Dwarves, dwarves and more dwarves! And undead dwarves... And extra cool barbarian dwarves! (These made me back at a level higher than just the pdf of the rules.) And some hobgoblins, too.

Oh, and if your pledge is high enough, you get ... wait for it ... even more dwarves, for free!

So, what are you waiting for?

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