středa 4. dubna 2018

Let's face it

Long time no blog, right? Well, my quest for the grail of a perfect skirmish game has come to ... a pause. An indefinite pause - it may a mere fortnight before I play a skirmish again, or it may take a year or more. The quest will have to wait till the stars are right.

However, on a more positive tune: Battletech! The thing is still frail as there is only one other person to play with now, but we got some games in and it is good. Me and my BT pal are also going to another tournament in a few weeks, so here are some pics from the sweating part (bleeding part comes later).

It was a good and tense game, in which my early grave mistake was balanced by sound tactics and incredible luck in later stages. Yes, I gave that Battlemaster a headshot with heavy PPC  :-)

Also, this is my first blog written entirely on my phone, so please excuse the brevity and style.
And try to get used to it, as it -sadly- won't get better anytime soon.

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