úterý 4. února 2014

Campaign Warbands

I decided to try out a simple SoBH campaign with two warbands: Human and Dwarves. Later on I plan to make a Night Goblin warband, but that's a future too distant. Also, no names so far.

Dwarves (289)

  • Leader (P): Q2+ C4; Leader, Short Move, Fearless, Steadfast - 95 pts
  • Shieldbreaker: Q3+ C4; Short Move, Fearless, Steadfast - 46 pts
  • 2x Warrior: Q3+ C3; Short Move, Steadfast - 30 pts each
  • 2x Crossbowman: Q3+ C3; Good Shot, Shooter: Medium - 44 pts each
This is a slow moving, but disciplined warband. Staying around their leader they seldom roll less than three dice for activation, getting two actions on average. The crossbowmen can surely pack a punch with aimed shot, warriors are deadly with powerblows, and the horror of shieldbreaker unleashed is nearly beyond imagination. Crossbowmen are Mantic Ironwatch, the rest is from Mantic Ironclad sprue.

Bad Company (289)

  • Heinrich (P): Q3+ C3; Leader - 60 pts
  • Yira - Halberdier Veteran: Q3+ C3; Steadfast, Tailslap - 42 pts
  • 3x Halberdier: Q4+ C3; Dashing - 27 pts each
  • 2x Pirate/Free Company: Q4+ C3; Greedy - 20 pts each
  • Bowman: Q4 C3+; Shooter: Long - 33 pts
  • Crossbowman: Q4+ C3; Good Shot, Shooter: Medium - 33 pts
Bunch of deserters, outcasts and other misfits, most of them have a hard time obeying or carrying out orders even with their commander in sight. Not that they were useles in combat, however, they are quite difficult to coordinate. All made from GW Militia/Free Company box.

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