čtvrtek 6. února 2014

Ready for Revenge!

As you might have read, my warband was almost wiped out in the first game of the campaign. Quite an unfortunate beginning, but it allowed me to alter the roster on the other hand. 
Regarding the rules inconsistencies: 
  • I should not be able to buy a new leader as a replacement. But then, I'd have to make all the rest Q3+, and we'd end up fighting with similar warbands.
  • Yira actually should have died (it's in the rulebook!), but being a named character has its perks.
So, here they are:

Bad Company 2 (this time even worse)

Appearing (from left to right):

Udo, Leader (P) - Q3+ C3, Leader, 60 pts
Udo had his own contract with Plisskens when contacted by Yira. In spite of the halberdiers' pitiful appearance he let them both sign in.

Yira, Veteran halberdier - Q3+, C3, Steadfast, Tailslap, 42 pts
Yira has quite a common CV - from fighting for his life he went to fight for the Right Thing, and finally ended up fighting just for the money. He has seen his share of horrors and learned some dirty tricks, but time from time he makes a good deed not to lose favour of those above.

Wilhelm, Crossbowman (WIP) - Q3+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, Fearless, 50 pts
Wilhelm is a bitter man, always striving for a perfect shot. Should the heaven tear and earth shatter, he will take his time to aim. "...because, you know, sometimes you'd rather not miss." So don't offer him an apple, not even when he's sober.

Lucky Jacques, Halberdier - Q4+, C3, Dashing, 27 pts
Although his luck takes many forms, like losing five silver and a stolen bracelet in dice, only to find the lucky winner's head with the word "THIEF" carved on the forehead next morning. Or a terrible hangover keeping him paralyzed for the whole morning while his buddies were on their way to slaughter...

Vladimir, Bowman - Q4+, C3, Shooter: Long, 33 pts
Having his own point of view on the social order, Vladimir became quite expert in wealth redistribution and evading authorities.

John the Bowman (very WIP) - Q4+, C3, Shooter: Long, 33 pts
John talks a little, shoots well and has a thing for dark hot beverage and bicuits.

Antar, Grounded pirate - Q4+, C3, Greedy, 20 pts
Having too many enemies at and over sea Antar tries something different this time.

Neat Pete, Thug - Q4+, C3, Greedy, 20 pts
Pete likes to talk about the meaning of life, bathe in gold coins and beat people up. And since he's always lacking audience, money, or both...

Yes, I named them all this time. No, I don't think it's going to help them.

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