pátek 7. února 2014

This one's on me

In Borderlands, tensions between humans and dwarfs had started to rise recently, and although some simple or less informed could attribute it to a couple of incidents, the wiser saw what was to come, sooner or later. Dwarven bankers and merchants grew in wealth and power, therefore diminishing in popularity and becoming a target for increased taxes. On the other hand, any caravan going through the Eastern Pass, maintained and protected by dwarves, had to pay customs higher than usual. Occasional street violence only higlighted the point - fourty years of peace were coming to an end.

Scenario: Tavern

Bad Company Reassembled

  • Udo, Leader (P); Q3+ C3, Leader, 60 pts
  • Yira, Veteran halberdier; Q3+, C3, Steadfast, Tailslap, 42 pts
  • Wilhelm, Crossbowman; Q3+, C3, Shooter: Medium, Good Shot, Fearless, 50 pts
  • Lucky Jacques, Halberdier; Q4+, C3, Dashing, 27 pts
  • Vladimir, Bowman; Q4+, C3, Shooter: Long, 33 pts
  • John the Bowman; Q4+, C3, Shooter: Long, 33 pts
  • Antar, Grounded pirate; Q4+, C3, Greedy, 20 pts
  • Neat Pete, Thug; Q4+, C3, Greedy, 20 pts

  • Leader (P): Q2+ C4; Leader, Short Move, Fearless, Steadfast - 95 pts
  • Shieldbreaker: Q3+ C4; Short Move, Fearless, Steadfast - 46 pts
  • 2x Warrior: Q3+ C3; Short Move, Steadfast - 30 pts each
  • 2x Crossbowman: Q3+ C3; Good Shot, Shooter: Medium - 44 pts each
Bad news: Dwarves became tough as nails. This is what saved them this game. 

Victor: Dwarves (16VP, 2CP)
Defeated: Bad Company (2VP, 0CP)

Bad Company were after an agenda only Udo knew when they refreshed in a tavern at crossroads. Beer was good and Lucky Jacques even won some coppers from Vladimir, when the doors burst in and guess who wanted to enter their tavern... Few well meant words of advice and appreciation were exchanged, ever compassionate and caring Neat Pete even tried to quench dwarves' thirst by a ballistically served beer - only to be thrown off balance by impolitely kicked table.

Properly refreshed warrior even leaped onto the table and tried to thank him in person. Dwarven leader, not to be outdone by such a courtesy jumped on the table as well and solved Jacques' problems with alcohol once and forever.

Wilhelm let loose, his perfection being his curse: His bolt hit the leader right between the eyes, where his helmet was reinforced. With a mighty crash he fell to the floor behind the table. Both John and Vladimir scored no significant hit, but Antar ran to the fallen leader, and almost dipatched him for good - but this was where dwarven toughness came into play, negating a gruesome kill. Yira jumped on the table and with Pete's aid killed the bold warrior (or so he thought). This was the finest hour of Bad Company.

As inevitably as death and taxes, the dwarven leader rose and cut poor Antar in half (roll of 5 + mighty blow vs roll of 1) - gruesome kill! Before morale test

...and after. Bitter Wilhelm and stoic John held their positions, and their comrades -though shaken- didn't leave the inn... but... 

The inspiring sight of their captain leaving was too much for poor mercenaries, and after the second morale test none but dwarves and corpses remained. The slain dwarven warrior eventually got better and next battle he'll take to the field again (albeit a bit unsure).

Summary: I laughed a lot. I just had to, because the only other option was crying like a baby. Come to think of it, the next scenario is probably going to be Ambush, because I see no other way for Udo to keep his face.

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