úterý 4. února 2014

The Sword of Strife

An ancient dwarven sword, wrested from the hand of dead dwarven noble, became a hereditary item of house Plissken, one of the mightiest borderland houses. Or rather - it was intended to become one, were Joachim Plissken the senior not robbed of it some fourty years later. Retrieving such an item will surely bring old Joachim's favour to otherwise lesser descendant - however, the hired band of adventurers hired was not the only one looking for a dwarven sword...

Scenario: Treasure Hunt (more or less)
Warbands: Bad Company, Dwarves - as per previous post.
Victor: Dwarves (16VP, 1CP)
Defeated: Bad Company (1VP)

Bad Company were ad-hoc band of mercenaries, outlaws and other scum. Heinrich, their leader, did not even care to remember their names (all fake, anyway), except Yira's. First, his name sounded quite funny and second, the veteran halberdier was probably the only one Heinrich could rely on. The rest had to be kept under direct command to achieve something. One halberdier failed even to appear when they set out.

 Although it was not the best idea, Heinrich split his forces to cover all possible treasure locations. A tussle developed near the forest, and his men were hard pressed.

However, pirates' ferocity and Yira's experience eliminated the shieldbreaker and another stuntie was thrown back.

Up to this point, everything ran more or less according to the plan.

One unfortunate turn-over later...

"It's either heedless or headless.." Heinrich threw himself info the fray, and for a moment he thought he might collect the reward after all...

Mighty blow landed on his shield throwing him back, which was exactly the opportunity Skadi yearned for. The bolt was only stopped by the inner side of the helmet, and Heinrich was dead before his body hit the ground.


Yira was a veteran, and hearing a stomping behind him he knew what to do. He turned around, bringing all his strength into a low hack - which landed on a shield. Then a glimpse of a hammer coming in...

...and that was all he could tell about the skirmish. Fortunately for him, the late halberdier finally caught up with them, only to find everyone else dead. Sharing the loot worldly possesions of their deceased comrades they returned to civilization.

Summary: Bad decisions, bad luck - and having a band with 6 Q4s didn't help either. The dwarves rolled all three dice in proximity of their leader (having effectively Q2+), so standing up and power blow was not uncommon. I could have ran away, but even with three remaining characters I tried to snatch the treasure - only to lose them all. 

P.S.: Pictures were (and will be) taken by my mobile phone, so please don't expect any eye candy. I use them to roughly illustrate situation and break up text.

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